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Search in Journal Entries#119

Sometimes I find myself wanting to review a journal entry I’d written in the past. Would love to be able to search across all of my written journal entries for specific words or phrases to find the entry I’m looking for. It is not always easy to recall from memory when a particular entry was written to find it by calendar date.

Tags may help somewhat with this, but I don’t think I’d always know at the time of writing the journal entry which tag will be appropriate, and I’m not sure I would proactively go back and add tags later on.

5 months ago

This! I completely agree and this is a priority feature that needs to be added. The other day I remember wanting to read about some day and when I searched for the string I remeber stoic app gave a couple of full notes without showing where that search term in them is. I spent 10 minutes trying to find it but I needed to go through those shortliested journals by stoic.

On Apple Notes it shows the words before and after the search hit and I found the same not in Apple Notes in literally 10 seconds.

Please improve the search results dear stoic. developers please

4 months ago

I would highly appreciate this - I am choosing between this and another app but if there’s a search feature on stoic I would surely keep it!!

3 months ago

stoic is an application where you write things down. An application where you write things down should have search. That’s table stakes. after using stoic for nearly 2 years, I am asking myself now why I didn’t simply journal in Evernote where I can find everything through the in app search.

a month ago

I can find journal entries through search - it searches everything at once but it works

17 days ago