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Import journals from other apps ✍️#13

Please enable a way to import my old entries in some generic way to capture the subject, body, and any attachments. I would hope it preserves a time stamp for the entry so items are sequenced right in stoic. You would make stoic experimenters very happy and quicker to adopt your platform.

– suggested by Ashim via email

a year ago
Changed the status to
a year ago
Merged Add "transfer from Day One" support#86
9 months ago

I have over ten years of daily journaling from the DayOne Classic Application, which I still run in My M1 MBP under Rosetta! If I want to use any other journalising app, it is critical for me to be able to import this massive collection of daily journaling into the new app. As a software engineer, I was planning to create my journaling app to do so, but if you guys can do it, I can finally make this switch. I am also aware that this is a problem for many other people as DayOne was one of the first journaling app back in the day, which got the job done right, but the classic was discontinued, and then the company behind the app changed its business model to a subscription service and left behind its first users.

6 months ago

@Payam49er Thanks for sharing! We are definitely introducting DayOne import and to achieve that we have a few blockers that we need to address first. We want to make sure that the import will not compromise on anything and we don’t skip a single datapoint of your DayOne data. This is super important for us.

Stay tuned for this feature as it will be definitely be announced :)

6 months ago

Any news on the topic? i would move my previous data from DayOne but so far isn’t possibile.

2 months ago

Also looking forward to this feature. I almost tried to do this manually. Looking forward to getting that data over and deleting dayone. Stoic is just… everything.

2 months ago

What about Evernote? I’d like to migrate from Evernote if possible.

a month ago

I’d like to be able to import from D]iario app also. Please consider the idea, Thank you.

23 days ago

This one is wildly impotant to me. I am wanting to transfer from day one!

14 days ago