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PDF Export#25


Hello, I just downloaded the app and so far it’s awesome! I really love the option to download my data as a txt file to make sure I have my data available in the future even if Apple or the app would cease to exist.

However I’d really love a more printable version for my export. Therefore I’d suggest being able to export my data as PDF. The PDF could be created by the app locally so there wouldn’t be any need to send the data to any servers. Also you could make the PDF export visually appealing so it could even be printed as a book that we could then put in our bookshelves with all our memories and more recorded in Stoic.

Plus being able to export it as PDF and therefore being able to print our memories would ensure that everyone is able to achieve their data their whole lifetime without the “anxiety” of loosing the memories somewhere in a few years if for e.g. the app would cease to exist - which I don’t hope but which could be possible over the time of a human lifespan.

7 months ago
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6 months ago

Please add this feature soon! I want to download my entries as PDF files.

4 months ago

If you can export a pdf file at the end of the year i.e., you’ll have let’s say 2023 diary. Just look through it whenever you want to go deep and track you changes.

2 months ago

Please we need that, so we can leave something behind! Ebook pdf type. In case we pass away, our family/ friends can get access to it. It’s the only thing that keeps me away from paying the lifetime premium version.

2 months ago

I came here to suggest exactly the same idea, word by word.
Great idea I think, so you can share your journal/diary as a booklet with your children or relatives, so they can read your life and know you better, know what you struggled, know what you felt, etc.
Also, if you could add few people in the app as trusted people. So, they will have an access to your notes whenever you pass away.

a month ago