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perfectly imperfect badges#29


I love stoic. but sometimes I feel like it’s pressuring me too much (not so much like some annoying productivity apps but still), and I feel it the most when I miss even one day and I lose my streak “leaves” that make up the badge. I just have days when I can’t do anything and they also count in my life and I would like the app to reflect this reality. So I thought about “perfetly imperfect badges” - an optional way to collect the badges (for those who don’t want the current severe badge system) which would consist in letting you miss days without loosing the streaks you already have in your current badge. You wouldn’t get a streak “leaf” for the missed days - they would remain grey, but they would be incorporated in your badge and in the end you would receive a badge with few “holes” - a perfectly imperfect one.

a year ago
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10 months ago

as someone with mental health issues such as complex ptsd. and agoraphobia and anxiety. this is a great idea. it encourges that the best i can do everyday is good enough. or even if the leaves were filled in a different shade to show effort but a hard day so give yourself kudos for making it through that one. kinda thing. oh please add colors now that i thought about that it would help so much honestly

10 months ago

I turned off streak for this reason and appreciate that it can be toggled

5 months ago