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Create or import custom quotes/affirmations#47

A way to write our own quotes or affirmations and have them be put on widgets. I envision inputs for the actual quote, the author, and the work from which the quote comes (optional). Affirmations, of course, would lack an author/work

This feature would be useful because it would create a more personalizable experience without the need for future updates to the pre-existing list of quotes/affirmations

a year ago
Changed the status to
a year ago

It would be amazing if within a journal page, you could mark a paragraph as a quote and that could be surfaced by a widget. This could be done in the process of implementing markdown for journaling. Some markdown apps have the ability to display quotes a certain way. The app could recognise these paragraphs and pull them together as custom quotes. That would make it a lot more seamless, compared to having to setup your own quotes.

a year ago

this is the only feature I need to be complete with the stoic app right now

9 months ago

I’d love to set a personal mental focus for myself as a prolonged introspective habit goal - like : breath, play, hyperfocus , vitality etc.
This could be a quick workaround to do this without developing a new different feature

8 months ago

When will this come? I need this so bad

6 months ago