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Sync meditation stats with other apps 🧘#6

I’d love for mindful minutes recorded from other apps to contribute to the meditation stats in Stoic. As I’d like to use a mixture of Stoic and the Plum Village app for my meditations, it would be nice for the stats to be synced up.

It could also be cool if it could track your exercise stats and overlay them and, mindful minutes stats with your mood stats. To be able to clearly see and validate any correlations.

– suggested by Jacob via email

6 months ago
Changed the status to
6 months ago

I have a related but slightly different request. I would love for the mindfulness activities in Stoic (meditation, breathing, etc.) to get sent to the iOS Health app and contribute to the Mindful Minutes there.
Perhaps it could be a two-way sync so that meditation data from other apps that send their data to Health also shows up in Stoic (which I believe is what the OP is requesting). Thanks for a phenomenal app!

5 months ago
Changed the status to
in progress.
4 months ago

Glad to see that this is in progress. It’s the top item on my wish list.

3 months ago

Also glad to see this in progress!

23 days ago

This is wonderful. Very new to the app but so impressed with the care and craft that has gone into it - those clouds wafting by! - and thought the same of syncing the health stats to track meditation minutes. Excited to see the result and thankful. Many thanks.

17 days ago