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Monthly goals#85


every start of the month, during the morning or evening journal, will be asked for goals, then a weekly follow up on how was it.

Would love to see how SMART goals can be tied up in helping regulating moods and direction.

Daily journal can feel like an autopilot with the same questions when you’ve been answering the same thing. Trying to get out of the numbness of the daily steps by having a macro vision on what happened for the month, and have a motivation to start and continue something at the start of the month

a year ago
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a year ago

Yes, I would also like to see this functionality.
Addon to this: The abillity to set goals for a set period, could also be weekly goals, and monthly, or another timeframe. But that it shows on the Home section, to keep the main goal so that it is fresh in mind.

a year ago

+10 on this - also on weekly basis!
I find this most helpful in my physical journal.
I set yearly goals, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals.
It would be great to be able to track those along as well, keep in mind. And then for example be able to be reminded of them and be asked “have you worked towards your weekly goals?” In the daily reflection,
Also in general have a different linger weekly and monthly summary refelction
Where you reflect on the goals and set new ones as well.
(On paper I’m using “daily greatness journal” - check it out for that.

10 months ago